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Military Financial


Where do you want to be? Our military financial planning team works with you to map the way and reach your financial goals.

Financial Planning for Military Families

What do you get?

Your customized military financial plan includes:

  • Net worth calculation
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Education funding
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning considerations
  • Insurance analysis
  • Administer trusts
  • A free financial dashboard

Who is it for?

  • Current and former US military servicemembers with an investment minimum of $100k
    1. Active duty
    2. Transitioning out of the military
    3. Veterans
    4. Military retirees
  • Surviving spouse

Chart Your Course with Military Financial Planning Services

AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust (AWM&T) understands the unique stresses military families like yours face, and the impact they can have on your finances. With our team, you’ll never have to go it alone. AWM&T has the expertise and experience to help you:

  • Save for college
  • Plan for retirement
  • Calculate your net worth
  • Understand your insurance needs
  • Create a financial plan
  • Start investing
  • Manage your investments

Your dedicated Relationship Manager will work with you to create a customized financial plan so you can make smart, confident financial decisions now and into the future.

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Who We Are

AWM&T is the premier provider of customized financial solutions for military servicemembers, Veterans, and their families. Our team empowers you and your family to achieve financial security and independence.

With AWM&T as your financial professional, you’ll receive the benefits of specialized military wealth management, expert financial planning advice, and a partner ready to deliver unmatched personal service that puts you first, always.


Calculate Finances and Chart Your Course for Retirement

Common Questions

To create a financial plan tailored to you and your goals, we’ll need to get to know you. We ask you to provide your Relationship Manager with your:

  • Income and expenses
  • Family life
  • Current assets and investments
  • Recent tax returns
  • Current retirement schedules or projections
  • Any existing insurance and estate planning documents

Your financial planning consultation begins with you and your Relationship Manager and typically spans three to four meetings. These meetings allow your Relationship Manager to get to know you, your family, and your finances as they review your current situation and short- and long-term goals.

Then, your Relationship Manager consults AWM&T’s team of financial planners, trust officers, and investment professionals to analyze your information and develop your customized financial plan. Once created, our team meets with you to review their initial findings and key insights, including recommendations to improve your finances. After this review, your final plan and recommendations are presented.

The fee for a comprehensive financial plan is $3,500. We provide financial planning services on a “fee-only” basis; there is no obligation or expectation that any plan recommendations be executed through AWM&T or any of its affiliates, although you are free to do so. 

We offer a discounted fee for AWM&T investment management clients. We offer a $2,500 Financial Plan for AWM&T investment management clients with AUM below $1,000,000. 

Financial Planning is included at no additional cost for AWM&T investment management clients with AUM above $1,000,000.

Tools & Education

Net worth is the value of a person’s assets minus the liabilities they owe.

Cash flow is the movement of money in and out of an individual’s accounts.

An insurance analysis is an assessment of an individual’s financial situation to determine the risk an individual is able to assume to buy the correct amount of insurance coverage.

Education funding is the process of calculating the costs of education for an individual or multiple individuals and subsequently charting a plan of action to save funds.

Retirement planning is the process of determining retirement income goals and creating a plan of action to achieve those goals over an extended period of time.

Estate planning is the process of making plans to transfer an individual’s estate—cash, property, and possessions—after their death.