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AWM&T Client Success Stories

Military servicemembers, Veterans, and their families have turned to AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust (AWM&T) for customized solutions that power their financial futures. See how we’ve fortified their mission for financial success—and how we can help you, too.*

*These testimonials were given by current clients, not paid promoters. Our clients received no compensation for their comments, which generated no material conflicts of interest with AWM&T.

“At AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust, they know what it means to serve, which [is] why they make it their mission to serve you.”

-Marika L New York

"We were able to clearly map out our financial goals and focus on achieving them with the financial planning services through AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust."

-Jim K Florida

“The best out there. I wouldn't put my trust in anyone else!”

-Laoreet Viverra Veteran

“Total trust: I trust AAFMAA to be the best advisors for my wife should she become a widow.”

-Member, AWMT

“I trust AAFMAA to lead my survivors through the necessary processes after I’m gone.”

-Member, AWMT

“I trust AAFMAA more than any other financial/insurance institution. I've been a member for almost 50 years.”

-Member, AWMT

“I have been a member of AAFMAA for many decades. The reason I have stuck with them so long is their friendly and professional staff, quality products, and life-long commitment to me and my family. I trust them without question and rely on their professional advice. Like my fellow soldiers over the years, I know that they have my back!”

-Member, AWMT

“Two years ago I found it necessary to consolidate my financial affairs; they had been managed by another military-oriented company for decades but were in the process of being sold off and parceled out to other investment companies. Living in the greater Washington, D.C., area I attended, for the first time, the 2019 Annual General Membership meeting at Ft. Myers as I had been a life insurance customer for half a century. At the meeting, I talked with one of the AAFMAA officials and found a good fit. As a result, the bulk of my financial estate is now in their hands and my wife and I have confidence in AAFMAA's management. I have recommended it to other eligible family members.”

-Member, AWMT

“From my initial contact with AAFMAA Wealth Management to meeting Joshua Schnelle to setting up an IRA, I have experienced nothing but the best experience. I've always felt, and continue to feel, that they really listen to my wants and needs and set up a plan that will meet those factors. I have never felt that my lack of experience was "looked down" on. I look forward to working with Joshua and the team at AAFMAA Wealth Management in the future.”

-Member, AWMT

“AAFMAA provides great service to their clients. For me, AAFMAA is the easiest company to work with. Our Relationship Manager is outstanding. He has always been there for us. I appreciate his advice and his ability to be in our corner when we REALLY needed him.”

-Member, AWMT

“We think AAFMAA does a great job. In the past I thought American Express, Fidelity and USAA provided the best service. Today, I would rate AAFMAA Wealth Management as the Company that provides the best services for us. Our Relationship Manager at AAFMAA, is the main reason. He is technically competent and he is always there for us. We appreciate his professionalism, calm demeanor, professionalism and friendship. He has really helped us navigate through complex financial times these past few years.”

-Member, AWMT

“As I reflect on my 27 years of military service, one of the most important decisions that I made early in my career was to join the AAFMAA family. Faced with family separation during deployments and the uncertainty that comes with entering a combat zone, it was essential that my family have someone experienced and trustworthy to assist them should I fall victim to harm’s way. That assurance was realized over 50 years ago when I took out my first life insurance policy with AAFMAA. Their track record in providing survival assistance to military families was exceptional and gave me the peace of mind that my wife and children were in good hands. Now five decades later as I enter the winter years of life, I continue to be comforted knowing that AAFMAA will continue to provide for my family when I deploy to my heavenly home. More recently, I joined AAFMAA’s Wealth Management team and now have the benefit of two great organizations for my family to rely on for the future. I can personally attest that over the past 50 years, AAFMAA has consistently provided the highest level of professional, timely and quality customer service to myself and my family. Col James Riley (USA-Ret.) A proud member of the AAFMAA family.”

-Col James Riley (USA-Ret.)

“AAFMAA is a great outfit. They offer wealth building programs tailor-made for you and you have a relationship manager who can be with you every step of the way. They are a fiduciary and will only offer what is in your best interests. They have a great website where your holdings can be viewed in detail online. They put on periodic webinars covering a variety of financial subjects which you can view live or later online. Every program is built around your risk assessment and your comfort level. Give them a try - they truly do work for you.”

-Member, AWMT

“Eight years since a full financial plan review and forecast, I recently relooked the plans and forecasts after making recommended adjustments. This has allowed me to not only remain on track but increase my retirement wealth.”

-Member, AWMT