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Military Financial Planning With the Right Financial Planner

Military Financial Planning With the Right Financial Planner

As a military servicemember or Veteran, you understand the value of turning to a specialist to plan and carry out a successful mission. Your life goals are no different. This is why the uniqueness of your lifestyle requires military financial planning with a military-focused financial planner like our team at AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust (AWM&T).

Seeing the pathway to buying a home, insuring your family, paying for a child’s education, and retiring requires financial planning as soon as you can start it. Pursuing those goals as a military servicemember, surviving spouse, retiree, or Veteran takes planning with someone who knows military life.

A military-focused financial planner understands what you and your family go through during a deployment or frequent PCS moves. A military financial planner is also well-versed in military pay and benefits.

Financial planning for military families can help you safeguard what matters most and pursue your goals and dreams. Take a closer look at some of the most notable benefits of military financial planning with a military-focused financial planner.

Get Financially Ready

When you were on active duty, you were likely familiar with the frequent moves, deployments, and other financial issues related to military life that spring up. Now as a Veteran or retiree, you still may have your challenges.

Military financial planning can provide servicemembers with financial readiness to take care of their household, stay out of debt, and deal with unexpected events that often accompany a second civilian career or final retirement. Whatever the stage of your journey, a military-focused planner can support you as you navigate your future.

Receive Experienced Advice on Military Benefits

Partnering with a military-focused financial planner gives you the opportunity to work with someone with in-depth knowledge of military pay, allowances, and benefits. A financial planner who has lived through military life as a servicemember or family member can navigate complex programs from the Department of Defense (DoD) and Veterans Administration (VA).

A military-focused planner can also help you understand and receive any military benefits from the Post-9/11 GI Bill, as well as health insurance and education benefits for Veterans.

Navigate Tax Implications

Taxes seem to be a minefield for anyone, military or not. But navigating tax implications for servicemembers, spouses, Veterans, and retirees can be especially daunting. Disability benefits, state taxes, tax credits/deductions, and taxation of retirement pay, are just a few of the issues that can complicate taxes for military families.

Military financial planning helps you understand military-related tax implications and provides strategies to minimize your tax liability. 

Plan for Retirement

When it comes to retiring, there are military benefits available you don’t want to miss. The military’s retirement system is vastly different from the civilian system. A military financial planner can help you get the most from your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), military pension, and other military retirement options.

If you’re a Veteran, military retiree, or surviving spouse, military financial planning can still help you prepare and get the most out of any civilian job—and plan for (and enjoy) your second retirement. 

Understand VA Loans

Many people might be surprised to know there are five types of VA loans, including:

  • VA purchase loan
  • VA construction loan
  • VA cash-out refinance loan
  • Interest rate reduction refinance loan
  • Energy-efficient mortgage

These loans often provide favorable terms for Veterans, and a military-focused planner can help you make informed decisions about any loan.

Consider Military Financial Planning

If you are searching for a military-focused planner who has served or comes from a military family, look no further than AWM&T. We can help servicemembers, retirees, Veterans, or surviving spouses with military financial planning. Ready to get started? To get in touch, call 1-910-307-3500 or click here to speak to a professional. You can learn more information on our website here.

About the Firm

AWM&T was created in 2012 to meet the financial needs of military families. We provide experienced, trustworthy, long-range financial planning, investment management, and trust administration services to support financial independence and security. We aim to be the premier provider of fiduciary services by always working for our Members’ best interests.

We are proud to share the mission, vision, and values of AAFMAA, our parent company. We consistently build on AAFMAA’s rich history and tradition to provide our Members with a source of compassion, trust, and protection. Through AAFMAA’s long-standing legacy and our financial expertise, AWM&T is honored to provide personalized wealth management services to military families across generations.

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