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Comprehensive Military Financial Planning With a Military Financial Planner

Comprehensive Military Financial Planning With a Military Financial Planner

Military family life (even after your active-duty chapter) is unique and presents opportunities and challenges not found in the average civilian’s life. Through military financial planning with a firm such as AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust (AWM&T), you can build a road map to help you navigate the nuances with confidence.

Perhaps you’ve recently transitioned out of the military or you’re a surviving spouse. Or maybe you’re ready to head into your final retirement. No matter the circumstance, a comprehensive financial plan is an important tool that can help you manage obstacles and take advantage of opportunities—now and in the future.

Military financial planning can be more complex than for civilians because of military pay, specialized benefits, special tax situations, and unique retirement plans. Having a comprehensive financial plan developed by someone with a deep understanding of the military lifestyle and the distinct differences from civilian life can help you experience a better financial future.

Here is why you should consider creating a financial plan with a military financial planner who has the experience and military background to handle financial planning for military families. 

What Is a Financial Plan?

A financial plan is more than just a budget. It’s about looking at your entire life and developing strategies to align your goals and dreams for the financial future you want.

Military financial planning begins with a Relationship Manager speaking with you to get to know you, your family, and your dreams and aspirations. The Relationship Manager reviews your financial situation and your short-term and long-term goals.

After a team of financial planners reviews all your information, they develop a financial plan. A military financial planner goes over those initial findings and key insights and recommends changes needed to realize a financial future that aligns with your values.

Military financial planning can help you develop a comprehensive financial plan that covers:

  • Insurance
  • Saving
  • Investing
  • Mitigating taxes
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Safeguarding assets

Through financial planning for military families, you build a road map to help guide your financial future. However, the plan isn’t static. As your life changes—when you transition from the military into a second career, or you enter your final retirement—your financial plan changes with you.

A military financial planner is well-positioned to help you make the necessary adjustments and stay on track toward your goals.

Military Financial Planning Distinct to You

As a servicemember, a spouse, a Veteran, or a retiree, your lifestyle may involve complexities that aren’t always easy to navigate.

Military financial planning takes these issues into account with an understanding of the unique stresses you may face and how they impact you financially. A military financial planner knows the right questions to help you find the right strategies for your future. Military financial planning can help at every stage of your military career and beyond.

Whether you want to change your retirement strategy or safeguard your legacy, a comprehensive financial plan can help you get there.

Find a Military Financial Planner Who Is Right for You

Looking for military financial planning from professionals who share your military background? AWM&T provides comprehensive financial planning and can tailor it to the unique needs of military servicemembers and families like yours. 

Are you interested in connecting with one of our Relationship Managers to start the journey to a better financial future? To get in touch, call 1-910-307-3500 or click here to speak to a professional. You can learn more information on our website here.

About the Firm

AWM&T was created in 2012 to meet the financial needs of military families. We provide experienced, trustworthy, long-range financial planning, investment management, and trust administration services to support financial independence and security. We aim to be the premier provider of fiduciary services by always working for our Members’ best interests.

We are proud to share the mission, vision, and values of AAFMAA, our parent company. We consistently build on AAFMAA’s rich history and tradition to provide our Members with a source of compassion, trust, and protection. Through AAFMAA’s long-standing legacy and our financial expertise, AWM&T is honored to provide personalized wealth management services to military families across generations.

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