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Trust AWM&T to Serve You for Life

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What compelled you to serve? When you answered the call of duty and signed on the dotted line, you placed your trust in the military to provide a certain quality of life complete with integrity, benefits, and stability.

While serving, you experienced a sense of purpose, camaraderie, community, and trust in your fellow brothers- and sisters-in-arms. You sacrificed time away from loved ones during TDYs and deployments, and earned your keep in a way that most civilians will never comprehend. The military wasn’t a job, it was a lifestyle.

“Like my fellow soldiers over the years, I know that they have my back!”

– AAFMAA Member

Much like tactical gear, money is simply a tool to protect you, serve you, and take you where you want to go. Each LES brought the potential for a financially successful future for your family. Today, having healthy, robust finances is mission-essential, and who you trust to manage your family’s wealth matters.

Many of us at AAFMAA Wealth Management and Trust (AWM&T) have worn the uniform. Others have held down the homefront as a military spouse or dependent. We speak your language and understand the unbreakable ties and required levels of trust that accompany military service.

“At AAFMAA Wealth Management they know what it means to serve, which [is] why they make it their mission to serve you.”

– Marika L., New York

Thank you for trusting AWM&T to develop your family’s financial strategy. For nearly a decade, we have served Members like you with comprehensive financial planning, investment management, and trust administration services. Our goal is to protect your military family, secure your legacy, and empower you to achieve your financial mission for generations to come. Our full suite of services includes:


Financial Planning Services

Define your goals for your family’s financial future and create the road map that gets you there. Do you have sufficient life insurance? When do you want to retire? Have you set aside enough money for college costs? We help you anticipate these and many other issues and plan for bumps in the road you haven’t even considered.


Investment Management Services

Your investment team manages an ongoing process of understanding your financial goals, determining your optimum portfolio, then monitoring and adjusting as necessary over time. No matter what you deem important — a comfortable retirement, income generation, a legacy for your heirs, support for your favorite charity — we can create and manage the right investment portfolio for you.


Trust Services

Trusts provide asset management and distribution control. Whether looking for a current trustee, one to step up in the future, a co-trustee to serve alongside a family member, or a professional resource to work with, AWM&T works with you to help ensure your plans are carried out.

Make sure your finances are serving you well. Connect with your AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust Relationship Manager at 910-390-1047 or

Originally published in AAFMAA Advantage, 2021.

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